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CoinList CEO: Quiet Year for Crypto in 2020Will Lead to Innovation

Cryptocurrency markets in 2020 are “going to be quiet for a little bit” while firms focus on building the crypto space, the CEO of CoinList Andy Bromberg told Yahoo Finance on Jan. 31. Following record highs at the end of 2017, cryptocurrency markets in 2018 were mostly bearish. Major coins took large losses and at the end of the year, Bitcoin ( BTC ) was down by 74 percent while both Ethereum ( ETH ) and Ripple ( XRP ) fell by 84 percent. The first month of 2019 has also seen major losses among top cryptocurrencies. At press time. those same coins, BTC, ETH and XRP, are all down 9.5 percent , 22 percent , and 15.5 percent on their monthly charts, respectively. However, in Bromberg’s view, slower markets mean that companies and entrepreneurs will start developing the space with more useful services and products: [In 2020] it feels like people are focused on building... I think the market is going to be quiet for a little bit, while people focus on actually creating things